Debt Recovery for London - County Court Judgments and Claim Forms

Debts can be recovered by bailiffs so long as Judgment has been granted through the County Court system. We can recover your debts by enforcing a Judgment throughout London and the Home Counties.

A London based dedicated Debt Recovery and Collection Service

Debt Recovery is not a simple process and Judgment must be gained before enforcement can commence.

Obviously to gain Judgment the appropriate forms must be filled out and lodged with the Appropriate County Court and the Debtor may dispute the claim, may have no assets, may be insolvent or may even counter claim.

This situation can be addressed by London Bailiffs Limited before instruction as there is no point in Enforcing Distress upon insolvent or litigious debtors if there are more appropriate legal routes to consider.

Furthermore Debtors may need tracing to a current address, personally serving with requisite legal papers, financial assessment or asset location enquires undertaken upon them to ascertain what they have and where they have it.

Clients looking for Debt Recovery can count on our service to deliver the results and correct advice when needed.

Why use a Certificated Bailiff Service to gain Judgment?

We enforce Judgments via our appointed agents hence we know how a claim form should be filled out, filed and how all interest should be calculated.

We also serve the documents in order to firstly let the debtor know that Bailiffs will be returning to enforce the Judgment and at the same time can make an assessment as to the capabilities for the debtor to pay the debt.

Debtors will often have one meeting with the bailiff (upon accepting service of the requisite Court forms), decide that they definitely do not the bailiff to return and enforce upon them and pay the debt.

Immediately the client has a quick turnaround of payment and the case is settled surprisingly easy.

This way the client and debtor can also keep any relationship that is left if mutually beneficial without the need to actual enforcement but shows the debtor that the Creditor can and will enforce debts.

Specialist London Bailiffs for Debt Recovery and Collection over £600 with or without Writs of Fieri Facias (Fi Fa)

If the client has a debt over £600 and has Judgment, obtained by themselves or by London Bailiffs Limited, the debt can then be 'transferred up' to the High Court and to a High Court Enforcement Officer for Enforcement.

We can guide you through this whole process and only need the Judgment to proceed.

Naturally if the client has already obtained the necessary Writ of Fieri Facias (Fi Fa) we can still proceed, but the client would need to contact us to discuss the case and background.