Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery - Distress For Rent

Rent can be recovered as soon as it becomes due.

Why use a Certificated Bailiff Service for Rent Arrears?

Rent received on time and in good fashion directly contributes to the value of a property

Rent not received costs the landlord time and money as well rendering a property a liability rather than an asset.

We recognise the need for the landlord and tenant relationship not to fail and can immediately attend to a property and Levy Distress in accordance with our Court Certification at no cost to the client.

Our Clients do not have to be based in London

Feedback is provided throughout as well as a sensitive approach to the tenant by the Bailiff.

There are of course tenants who simply refuse to pay and believe that they are going to have a rent free lease.

This need not be the case as we are also experts in the Forfeiture of Leases having access to in-house locksmiths and a fast efficient service carried out 24 hours a day as required by the landlord.

Specialist London Bailiffs for Commercial Rent Collection and Recovery

The Distress For Rent Act allows Landlords and agents to instruct London Bailiffs Limited to recover rent arrears and to forfeit a lease without the need for court action.

Rent arrears are enforceable as soon as they become due.

The law also allows you to instruct certificated bailiffs to take the necessary action at no cost.

The obvious benefit of this service is the avoidance of Solicitors, Court Action and ultimately cost.

We are fully certificated to undertake County Court Bailiff and Enforcement Duties.

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