Traveller and Gypsy Evictions within London and the Home Counties

Evictions carried out within 24 - 48 hours by our in house bailiffs and Certificated Enforcement Officers.

The quickest legal method to remove Travellers from commercial property and car parks

It is frustrating for a Landlord, landowner or tenant when travellers arrive en-masse onto commercial property.

The Police are not in a position to assist you, the council can and will prosecute for illegal evictions and the court process can take months.

Fortunately Bailiffs have the powers to serve notices upon Travellers and gypsies and remove them 24 hours after the notices have been served.

Dealing with the matter in a swift and timely fashion minimises costs, stops site damage and saves on the rubbish disposal when the site has been cleared, as well as negating the prospect of more travellers arriving over time.

Much like debt, the longer things are left the harder they become to deal with.

Specialised Traveller and Gypsy evictions by experienced, professional officers

Once you have contacted London Bailiffs Limited we will attend to the site as soon as possible to serve notices upon the camp and give the travellers Notice to quit the area.

Obviously diplomacy is a key skill and keeping travellers onside is a learned skill which can normally be put into good effect to save the requirement of Police and large numbers of Bailiffs on the site.

Our members of staff are trained and understand that time is money and we take our duty of care towards the client and the people that are being evicted extremely seriously.

When Travellers are determined to stay onsite and are reluctant to listen to reason we are perfectly placed and in our rights to summon the Police, and with no threat of a breach of peace evict the Travellers by force.

We are fully certificated to undertake County Court Bailiff and Enforcement Duties.

Please complete the appropriate form to instruct us and we will call you back with confirmation.