Hounslow Lease Forfeiture

In most commercial leases there is a clause which allows the landlord to terminate the lease without the need for court action after a specified time.
Our Hounslow based Bailiffs can effect forfeiture as soon as is needed

Lease forfeiture for Hounslow

Put simply Lease Forfeiture actually means to terminate a lease prior to the actual contractual termination because the tenant has broken the term of the lease.

Most if not all leases contain terms for lease forfeiture ending the contract on the date of forfeiture thus terminating all future terms and obligations.

Peaceable Re-entry to Effect Forfeiture of Lease

We can effect peaceable re-entry anywhere in Hounslow and the surrounding counties acting as your Enforcement Agent by entering the demised premises and effecting the lease as soon as the right becomes available. This can be after the 14 or 21 grace period normally contained within the lease has expired.

Notice Under Tort (Interference with Goods) Act 1977

When London Bailiffs Limited have been instructed to Forfeit a lease a inventory of goods within the premises is prepared.

A Notice Under Tort (Interference with Goods) Act 1977 is also prepared.

The notice notifies the former Tenant \ Leaseholder of the Intention to Sell Goods once expiry of a reasonable period has lapsed.

As soon as the time period given within the notice has expired the landlord may then contact the bailiffs to return, value and remove the goods.

The goods can be sold at public auction or on site, dependant on transportation goods.

Right to Forfeiture of Lease

If the lease does not contain a right to forfeiture advice can be administered. Common Law dictates the fact that forfeiture can be used due to non-payment of rent. Please contact us to discuss such matters.

We are fully certificated to undertake County Court Bailiff and Enforcement Duties.

We can provide Lease Forfeiture solutions for London and the surrounding Counties

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Forfeiture of Commercial Lease - Further Information

What is Forfeiture?

When a commercial or business tenant is in rent arrears or has breached the terms of the lease the landlord will (in most cases) have the right to forfeit the Commercial Lease.

Put simply, this means to end the tenancy.

The landlord must comply with section 146(1) of the Law of Property Act 1925.

The lease must contain a specific clause setting out the grounds on which the landlord may forfeit the commercial lease.

The landlord must also indicate the intent to end the lease, so accepting rent would obviously remove the right to forfeit.

What is Peaceable Re-entry?

Peaceable Re-entry means that the landlord employs private Certificated Bailiffs (now called Certificated Enforcement Officers) such as London Bailiffs Limited to enter the commercial premises when the tenant is not present and forfeit the lease.

We have a specialist panel of locksmiths on hand to enter the shop and change the locks both internally and externally and we supply and post the correct notices on the premises.

This method gives the tenant their statutory rights to collect any goods and possession left in the property, providing that they make a pre-arranged time within a certain time limit.

Using a professional and established Bailiff firm avoids the possibility of any accusations including the interference with, or taking the tenants possessions.